Ace Hot And Cold Compress Reusable Bandage, Model: 7518 - 1 Ea

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  • Hot & Cold Compress provides safe and effective hot or cold treatment which is frequently recommended by doctors.  
  • Cold therapy, immediately following an injury, helps to reduce swelling and relieve pain.  
  • Once swelling has subsided, the application of heat will help reduce pain and promote healing.  
  • A soft outer pouch delivers hot or cold therapy comfortably and conveniently and eliminates the need for a towel or cover.  


  • Care Instructions:  Remove gel-pack, wash bandage in lukewarm water and lay flat to dry.
  • As with any fine fabric, keep away from heat.
  • Return gel-pack to bandage pocket upon completion of drying.


  • People with nerve or circulatory problems unless prescribed by a physician.
  • Do not apply heat to broken and/or sensitive skin.
  • Heat should not be used with external analgesic products.
  • Do not apply compress without placing gel-pack inside bandage.
  • Do not exceed heating time specified in heating schedule.
  • Do not sit or lean on compress.

Ace Hot And Cold Compress Reusable Bandage, Model: 7518.