Addominal Support Futuro 41, large

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  • Futuro surgical binder and abdominal support for abdomen, large.
  • Addominal Support Futuro 41Soft touch materials, plush-lined for comfort.
  • Developed in collaboration with a panel of physicians, surgeons and medical specialist.
  • Adjustable design for custom fit,Front panel adjusts to body contour.
  • Front panel adjusts to body contour,Support your active life.
  • Post-operative binder to help support and lift the abdomen.
  • Futuro offers a wide range of high quality products.


  • Addominal Support Futuro made of Polyester and Rubber.


  • Wear and care instructions are enclosed.


  • In this natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.
  • If pain increases or persists, discontinue use.
Addominal Support Futuro 41, large.