Arnica Tincture For Muscle Strains And Sprains-4 Oz

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  • Rubbing sore muscles.
  • Reduce soreness.
  • Such topical formulations.
  • Strong anti edemic.


  • Humco Arnica Tincture in such topical formulations as creams, gels, and ointments is extremely popular in Europe.
  • The herb's active ingredients also have mild pain-relieving.
  • One of arnica's primary components, helenalin, also has a strong anti-edemic (anti- swelling) effect.
  • Arnica is widely applied to ease the inflammation and pain of muscle strains and sprains caused by overuse or injury.
  • Inflamed and painful joints are said to benefit from arnica as well.
  • Using the herb in a hot, moist compress may be helpful for arthritis pain, though it is not known whether it is simply the heat or the arnica that provides the relief.


  • Keep out of reach of children.

Arnica Tincture For Muscle Strains And Sprains.