Bayer Contour USB Blood Glucose Monitoring System - 1 Ea

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  • Bayer Contour USB Blood Glucose Monitoring System.
  • The first blood glucose meter with plug and play diabetes management software.
  • It helps transform knowledge into meaningful insights. Just insert a test strip and plug into a whole new world of diabetes management.
  • Plug your meter into your computer for access to helpful reports of your stored data.
  • Kit contains:
    • Contour.USB blood glucose meter.
    • 25 Contour test strips.
    • Normal control strips.
    • Meter quick reference guide.
    • Meter use guide.
    • Wall charger.
    • USB extension cable.
    • Bayer's glucofacts deluxe quick start guide.
    • Bayer's Microlet 2 lancing device, alternative site endcap, adjustable endcap,25 colored lancets.
    • Bayer's clinilog logbook.
    • Carrying case.


  • Use only as directed.
  • Read all details on package.


  • Please read all product details on package before use.
Bayer Contour USB Blood Glucose Monitoring System.