Bayer Dermal Therapy Hand, Elbow, Knee Care Cream - 3.5 Oz

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  • Bayer Dermal Therapy Cream.
  • Dermal Therapys Hand Elbow and Knee Cream delivers nourishing moisture deep into any dry, rough, itchy areas of the skin to help heal dry hands, elbows and knees.
  • Urea is an important part of your skin's natural moisturizing system that is found in healthy young skin.
  • Dermal Therapy also contains silk proteins to improve skin tone and luster, giving skin a silky smooth, non greasy feel.
  • Dermal Therapy Products Help prevent, heal & soothe dry skin Non-irritating Non-Greasy Non-toxic Fragrance Free Never Animal Tested.
Bayer Dermal Therapy Hand, Elbow, Knee Care Cream.