Bic Wite Out Shake N Squeeze Correction Pen - 6 Ea

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  • Bic Wite Out Shake 'N Squeeze Correction Pen.
  • This shake-n-squeeze correction pen is great for accurate precise corrections and features a soft squeeze barrel for maximum control.
  • This package contains one correction pen with 0.3oz/8ml of correction fluid.
  • Needle-point tip for increased precision and neatness
  • Soft, squeezable body corrects with less effort and increased control
  • Fast drying, premium coverage, smooth finish for everything correction fluid in a pen.


  • Even small mistakes should be corrected.
  • Wite-Out Shake 'n Squeeze Correction Pen has a needle point to correct any mistakes with precision.
  • Its soft barrel ensures a comfortable and easy correcting experience.
  • For application use, just Shake 'n Squeeze.
Bic Wite Out Shake 'N Squeeze Correction Pen.